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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow During Lockdown

With over 10 million followers Humans of New York has been a favourite of many people worldwide for some years. Today it is continuing to document the lives of New Yorkers; but now those individuals are in quarantine. The brief glimpse into individual New Yorkers’ lives told in a succinct way demonstrates resilience, courage, love, grief, hope and every emotion in between. Each quirky story makes me smile sometimes while also fighting back tears. In lockdown, now is a perfect time to follow Humans of New York and read a couple of dozen stories. @humansofny

If you like Humans of New York and you like dogs, you will love The Dogist. The simple formula is a portrait of a dog on the street in NYC with its name, breed, hobbies, loves and pet hates. Simple, yet adorable, it has a huge fan base of over 3 million. It reminds me of the coffee-table photography book Dog Dogs by Elliot Erwitt – black and white portraits of dogs from around the world gathered over decades during the Magnum photographer’s illustrious career. The Dogist is the Instagram equivalent and a perfect account to browse in lockdown. It may even inspire you to adopt a dog when this is all over. @thedogist

If you wonder what dogs are thinking in this quarantine era, the account Dog Feelings may have the answers. The daily posts here will give you a giggle. Dogs are being walked more than ever during lockdown – an excuse to get out of the house for many. Go, canine perambulators! The dogs are exhausted. This account talks about the strange humans at home all day from the perspective of the other member of the household: the dog. Cute and entertaining, it is quickly gathering a following. @ dog_feelingsig

With museums and galleries all closed, we are starved for art. Four college roommates with that in mind set up Covid Classics. It’s gathering a following quickly. With too much time on their hands during lockdown they restage some of the most fascinating pieces of art in the world, improvising to use whatever they find at hand in their home. The Frida Kahlo self-portrait is my favourite and will make you laugh out loud. This account demonstrates that you need never get bored during quarantine. Just use your imagination. @covidclassics

Instagram is the perfect platform for photography. Brooklyn-born photographer Ron Rosenstock has travelled the world capturing its fragile beauty. His friend, haiku master Gabriel Rosenstock (no relation) adds text to reflect and celebrate that beauty. The result is stunning. The account rosenstockandrosenstock posts weekly images which arrest the eye – and the inner eye – during this strange period in history.

They allow a mindful moment of contemplation – a pause in your day to lift your spirit and make you smile. @rosenstockandrosenstock

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